What a Girl Really Wants

February 12, 2018 0 Comments

What a Girl Really Wants

  Valentine’s Day is around the corner! After hearing mixed reviews from our lady friends about how they prefer to celebrate the LOVE holiday, our team at Yobel Market decided to find out what women really want for this special occasion. We put together a few questions and polled our lovely female fans!

 We so appreciate you participating in our anonymous “What a Girl Really Wants” survey and would love to share a little of what we discovered through your answers, so read on gentlemen... 

What We Found...

 1. Almost 70% of those who took our survey said they were ok with celebrating any day of the week of Valentine’s Day. *whew* So if that favorite restaurant of hers happens to be booked solid on the magical 14h of February, take a deep breath, and risk a different day! Maybe a particular day of the week is more special to you personally, or maybe pick a day you usually both get off work early.

2. 85% of us said “YES” to celebrating Valentine’s Day! (So I guess that one is a little non-negotiable).

3. We DON’T want something last minute. You know, the panicked, 200% marked up box of chocolate and cheesy bouquet you grabbed from the grocery store on your way home at the end of the day. My personal opinion on why: it tells us you forgot and therefore did not put any effort into it, BUT that you still feel obligated to get us something.

4. We DO want something personal and meaningful. Top answers included: a handwritten card, flowers, jewelry, and hobby gear. We want to know you put a little thought into what would make us smile and feel special when we opened your gift. Soooo for most of us that is going to EXCLUDE video games, socks, calendars, balloons, and pocket knives. (Yes, these are some ACTUAL things women told us they specifically did not want this year.) 

5. We can’t make up our minds if we’d rather have a romantic night in, or a fancy night out, so you’re going to have to figure us out individually on that end (hopefully we are leaving you not-so-subtle hints). That being said, most of us actually would prefer an EXPERIENCE over a gift! An overnight staycation in a local hotel was our top rated choice, followed closely by a romantic night at home, a fancy dinner out, or an outdoor adventure.

Bottom line - if you’re a guy and reading this is causing you to question everything, don’t panic! Our goal is not to confuse you and leave you struggling, but to set you up for success! Here are some suggestions based on the answers from our survey: 

For a Night Out:

  • Fondue

  • A nice sushi restaurant

  • The place you had your first date (or another special anniversary)

  • Watching the sunset from a special place with a great view

  • Drive in theater

  • Family game night

For a Daytime Celebration:

  • Hiking

  • Handmade gift exchange

  • Service/volunteer project together

  • Shop the after Valentine’s Day sales

  • Pick each others outfits and go on a date

  • Do something touristy in your area that you've been wanting to try

  • Couple’s Massage/ Spa Day

For the Gift Purveyors:

There can be a lot of pressure to do and say and buy all the right things. All of us give and receive love in such different ways that it is impossible to give the same recommendations all across the board. However, we hope you have enjoyed learning about our lady friends as much as we have; that this article can help create a more meaningful celebration this year and in coming years! We think when it comes down to it, women want to feel special, beautiful, and treasured. Whether this is best expressed through a physical gift, words of affection, an act of love, or intentional time together, we hope you see success in loving on your significant other this Valentine’s Day!



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