True Cost Tues, Vol. 11

True Cost Tues, Vol. 11

Hello, it's True Cost Tuesday where we unpack some of the reasons behind why we at Yobel only provide fair trade, ethical, and sustainable clothing, and accessories. It’s been a few months since our last volume, but what better time to start talking about the true cost of fashion again than this month, Fair Trade Month!

Let’s recap what Fair Trade is. Fair Trade is when fair wages and ethical treatment is provided to workers in order to reduce poverty and promote environmentally sustainable practices. Fair Trade also:


Fair Trade ensures fair pay for the people who make products which leads to stimulated local communities and economies. By purchasing Fair Trade clothing, you’re helping people in one of the most traditionally exploitative industries. 


Fair Trade empowers women and upholds equal rights in developing countries. Fair Trade companies also offer their employees training, maternity leave, healthcare and freedom from harassment and exploitation. 


Fair Trade helps the environment by using sustainable practices and addressing issues such as waste disposal, water usage and runoff, chemical use, and energy use. Fair Trade products are better for the planet.


Fair Trade ensures that no children are forced to work or exploited under any circumstances for the benefit of a brand or supply chain. Child labor hinders child development, perpetuates ongoing slavery, and prevents education.


Fair Trade ensures good working conditions. Fair Trade companies are committed to following worker protection laws, scheduling reasonable work hours and providing healthy conditions within the work environment.

Follow along this month while we share more about Fair Trade and how you can be part of it. We believe that when people and our planet are priority, we all profit!